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Patient Story: SARAH

“I’m squeamish about needles, and have a low pain tolerance, but Cindy put  that fear to rest.”

Sarah, who is 62 was referred to Cindy by a friend over 15 years ago. “I had  been going to another practitioner and I started looking like an angry bird  because of my small forehead and what she did between my eyes.”

At her initial consultation with Cindy, Sarah felt immediately at ease. “I knew she was going to take care of me. Cindy was dedicated to make me be the best I could be. I read somewhere that she was an artist and I could tell. She instinctively knew balance and symmetry.”

Sarah is squeamish about needles, and has a low pain tolerance, but Cindy put that fear to rest. “She works with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, so aside from the numbing protocol she uses, I asked for oral medication to take the edge off. I soon found out, I don’t even need that anymore because  she is very slow and gentle.”

Several years ago, Sarah was upset to learn she had basal cell carcinoma on the tip of her nose which can be very disfiguring. The cancer was removed and surgeons did a necklift in order to transfer some of that skin to her nose. The tighter neck accentuated the signs of facial aging. “I didn’t want more surgery. Cindy began putting filler around my cheekbones and it lifted my whole face including minimizing the marionette lines from mylips down to my jaw. A combination of dermal fillers and Botox simulated a browlift and really opened up my eyes.” Lately Sarah has had Cindy do a lip augmentation that addressed both the lips and upper lip lines.

Sarah is thrilled with her appearance. “I’m 62 and so far Cindy is helping me sidestep a facelift, yet I still look very age appropriate and natural.”

If you have an important event coming up Sarah advises to err on the side of caution and give yourself time to heal. “Realize you might have some swelling and a little bruising. Or you might need a touchup. But it’s nothing like recovering from surgery.”

Patient Story: TERESA

It’s true, I look 10 years younger. There is a softness and fullness to my features now. Cindy replicated the face of my youth in an age appropriate way.

Looking in the mirror every day a person gets accustomed to their appearance. The aging process is happening–but it’s incremental. It’s only when you get a chance to see what others see, that the true picture comes into focus. Teresa got that opportunity when asked to do a video tribute for a coworker’s retirement party. “That video came up on the big screen and I was literally startled. I recognized the voice as mine, but the face was gaunt, the forehead was lined and the lips were like two straight lines. For the first time, I perceived myself as “old.” It was time to pay attention.”

Teresa, is 59, active and fit. At 5’8” and 124lbs. she is slender. “I am fortunate that apart from my two pregnancies, I have stayed right around my high school weight. But the problem with being thin is that my face was beginning to look hollow…there was no fullness.” Teresa had Botox over the years, but never on a regular basis. She experimented with a few fillers in her mid-fifties but never kept up with a maintenance program. “I needed someone who would be able to pinpoint exactly what I needed to “catch up” and then put me on some type of schedule to retain that look.”

As a writer for subjects pertaining to health, beauty and wellness, Teresa had heard Cindy Nickels’ name through several contacts in the professional organizations to which she belonged. “I heard Cindy was what they call an “expert injector.” Being close to the cosmetic enhancement industry, I was very aware of the multitude of practitioners offering injectables. The vast majority are far from expert. And the evidence is on every face that looks “done.” I couldn’t take that chance.”

Teresa made an appointment with Cindy. Cindy studied her face, took photos from every angle and then explained her recommended treatment plan. “Cindy told me my cheeks and temples needed quite a bit of volume to restore a more youthful contour. She would use a combination of products to achieve this. She wanted to augment my lips as well. Botox on my forehead, crow’s feet and between my brows would also be done.” The treatment took a couple hours, but Teresa didn’t feel uncomfortable. “Cindy really takes her time. She numbs all the areas and injects very slowly and meticulously.” Afterwards Cindy sent Teresa home with ice packs and instructions for the first few days. Lindsay, Cindy’s assistant followed up every other day to monitor any swelling and bruising. “The bruising was minimal,” says Teresa, “but the swelling took about 2 weeks to completely disappear. That was because I had so much work done in one sitting. Cindy already had a plan to keep me “touched up” over the next couple years so it wouldn’t be such a big deal ever again.”

The big 60th birthday happened a few months later. “People who hadn’t seen me in a while commented that I just never seem to age. It’s true, I look 10 years younger. There is a softness and fullness to my features now. I found an old picture of myself in my 20’s. Without knowing it, Cindy replicated the face of my youth in an age appropriate way. Any injector can fill and freeze, but the artistry involved in understanding individual anatomy and applying the right product makes all the difference between “What did you have done?” and “How do you stay looking so young?””

Patient Story: KRISTIN

“…my former injectors actually changed the entire shape of my face incrementally over the years until it was square instead of heart shaped.”

Kristin is a good example of how “too much of a good thing” can backfire. Over time she met with various injectors for lip augmentation. The latest practitioner had some filler left over and decided to inject Kristin’s nasolabial folds (the lines from the corners of the nostril to the corners of the mouth.) The results were disturbing. “Somehow, she created a pillow in between that fold and my lip. I went back and she disagreed. She didn’t see what I saw.” Kristin visited another injector who advised her to “just let it run its course.” It was 6 months later that Cindy and Kristin met at a medical seminar—a very happy coincidence for both women. According to Kristin, Cindy asked her directly about her appearance. “I was relieved to hear someone acknowledge what had been bothering me. I immediately made an appointment with Cindy.”

The consultation with Cindy was unlike any Kristin had experienced with her former injectors. First she was asked to recreate her aesthetic appointment list with timelines and exact units of filler she had received so Cindy could better understand her history. Cindy also asked her to bring a photo of herself from 10 years ago, when Kristin was 20. The upshot was astonishing. “Not only did Cindy discover I had gotten a lot more filler than I realized, but I could see in the mirror how my former injectors actually changed the entire shape of my face incrementally over the years.”

Cindy’s prescription was to erase as much of the filler in Kristin’s lower face as possible. Thankfully hyaluronic acid fillers can be dissolved and after several sessions, Kristin began to look like herself again. “The change was crazy—night and day—I had no idea. I was walking around looking like I was on steroids with a square face. My natural face is actually heart shaped.”

Under Cindy’s care, Kristin gets Botox treatments and lip touchups, but stays away from fillers. Kristin is thrilled with her results. “My lips are the best they’ve ever looked. It used to be people noticed right away that I had something “done.” I guess that wasn’t a compliment. With Cindy, no one makes those comments. She is super gentle too. I used to bruise like crazy and thought it was just me. I never bruise with Cindy.”

Kristin calls Cindy “…one of a kind. I never met anyone like her…Meticulous. No rush. An artist.”

What advice would she give someone looking for a liquid aesthetic enhancement? “Find someone who understands the application of product…someone who focuses on your entire face, not just one feature. Put more emphasis on results, not price. People looking for a “great deal” often wind up paying double when they have to have that “deal” fixed.”

Patient Story: NATALIE

“Once you start, you have to commit to maintaining your look, so you want someone you can trust long term.”

Natalie visited Cindy in preparation for her wedding day. She was 23 at the time and wanted some Botox for her forehead and brows. After Cindy assessed her face, she agreed it would improve her overall appearance for the big day. That was 10 years ago, and Natalie has remained a loyal patient. “Cindy makes you immediately comfortable. She’s so thorough and careful. I don’t want anyone else touching my face. She actively listens to what I think I want done and then give me great counsel on why or why not.”

Although Natalie has never gone to another injector, she has compared her results with friends and is a self-described “Botox spotter.” “I have learned injecting is an art form. A lot of people I know are getting extreme results that look unnatural. Cindy has changed my face so subtly yet precisely by doing tiny enhancements. I look fresh, not obvious.”

Cindy has used a small amount of filler under Natalie’s eyes to add volume where there is hollow space. It’s a treatment that is highly technique dependent. Natalie has asked for other procedures and Cindy has refused. “I love how honest she is. She is a good listener and will tell me what I need versus what I want if she thinks it’s the wrong approach. It’s a very intimate relationship–she’s treating my face.” Natalie also appreciates Cindy’s staff–both the preparation calls and the follow up. “They are an incredible team. Very thorough before, during and after.” Natalie makes the point that injectables don’t last forever, so a good ongoing relationship is important. “Once you start, you have to commit to maintaining your look, so you want someone you can trust long term.”

One of the things Natalie doesn’t miss that she often hears from others is pain. “People will tell me how much it hurts whenever they go to their practitioner. I never have any pain. Cindy has it all figured out…the art, the science–she’s got it all.”

Perhaps the best testimonial is a referral. Natalie is arranging to take 3 friends of hers to meet Cindy. “If you want to go just anywhere to anyone for cheaper, good luck. But if you want the absolute best results, I’m taking you to Cindy.”